The club is closed to new members

New applications for membership are no longer being accepted.

Existing members are still supported

A fully Guaranteed computer for every club member.
If the computer fails, a free replacement can be delivered to your door . (Blackpool Wyre and Fylde only)
Help and support is available.

The type of computers are continually changing as we get new stock. This is what the Jan/Feb 2015 batch looks like. You will be able to see what is available if you call in to collect a standing order form.

Club rules

Each paying member of the club can request 1 (second hand) fully guaranteed computer.

If you do not have paypal or a bank, payment can also be made in cash, yearly, in advance.

Before signing up, please read the club rules and costs further down the page.
By signing up, you are agreeing to abide by the club rules and regulations.

Your membership begins when we have received your first  payment.

The club will be owned and operated by PC Recycler limited.
Fees paid are not refundable.
Membership applications will be accepted or refused at the discretion of PC Recycler.
There is no right to appeal if a membership request is declined.
PC Recycler reserves the right to add or remove features of the club.
Members must be 16 years of age or over.
Members must agree to abide by the rules/regulations of the club
PC Recycler reserves the right to expel members.

Full membership begins on the date that the first payment is made, and lapses if renewal payments are not made.
NOTE:- Lapsed members applying to rejoin must back pay all outstanding membership payments, and pay a setup/admin fee.

Waiver and Safety
If a member wishes to accept a free piece of equipment, that member must sign a waiver which protects PC Recycler and Blackpool computer club (BLACC) and any person representing pcrecycler/BLACC from any claims for damages relating to the acceptance or use of the equipment.
If the member declines to sign the waiver, the equipment will not be released until a “PAT” test has been performed. It will be up to the member to arrange and pay for the test.

All computers will be second hand, generally donated by business, industry, schools or colleges when they upgrade. This means that the equipment will always be more than 3 years old.

A desktop computer will come with an unlimited warranty which will remain in force for as long as the membership fees continue to be paid. (excludes laptops)

Unlimited warranty
If the base unit, monitor, keyboard or mouse fail, the failed item can be returned for an exchange. An appointment must be made before the item is returned, to allow time for a replacement to be prepared. The warranty will remain in force as long as the membership fees continue to be paid.

NOTE: laptops are excluded from the unlimited warranty

NOTE: Guarantee only applies to fully paid up members.

Contact us

 To arrange appointment telephone:

07711 736899

Help and support in your home or workplace is not available during holidays.
Questions can be asked via:-


or our frequently asked questions page:-

About us

Some people are puzzled by how we work, so, simply put:-

You give us  £5  every month for club membership, and we give you a fully guaranteed computer. Think of it like insurance or rental, but without all the legal paperwork.

For any problem at all, just bring the computer back and we will replace it immediately. No waiting around for weeks or months while it gets repaired.

By joining us, you know you will never have to pay for another repair, a replacement or an upgrade,   .

You might be able to pick up a cheap second hand computer anywhere, but it would not come with the peace of mind provided by our unconditional guarantee.

Some people have suggested that this is some sort of 'scam' because it sounds too good to be true. If you believe that, you are missing out. PCRecycler Ltd, the club owners,  have been operating in Blackpool since 1998, See some of our community projects ,  or alternatively, come down and see us.

Come down and have a chat with us. See the computers, ask questions, and then decide if what we offer is worth £5.

Join the computer club and collect your fully guaranteed computer within 7 days!
(excluding Sundays and Holidays)

Don't forget, the club also runs a hardware session on Saturday morning. If you are interested in  computer hardware, electronics, Arduino, Raspberry Pi etc, why not come along 10-12 most Saturdays.