About us

Some people are puzzled by how we work, so, simply put:-

You give us  £5  every month for club membership, and we give you a fully guaranteed computer. Think of it like insurance or rental, but without all the legal paperwork.

For any problem at all, just bring the computer back and we will replace it immediately. No waiting around for weeks or months while it gets repaired.

By joining us, you know you will never have to pay for another repair, a replacement or an upgrade,   .

You might be able to pick up a cheap second hand computer anywhere, but it would not come with the peace of mind provided by our unconditional guarantee.

Some people have suggested that this is some sort of 'scam' because it sounds too good to be true. If you believe that, you are missing out. PCRecycler Ltd, the club owners,  have been operating in Blackpool since 1998, See some of our community projects ,  or alternatively, come down and see us.

Come down and have a chat with us. See the computers, ask questions, and then decide if what we offer is worth £5.

Join the computer club and collect your fully guaranteed computer within 7 days!
(excluding Sundays and Holidays)

Don't forget, the club also runs a hardware session on Saturday morning. If you are interested in  computer hardware, electronics, Arduino, Raspberry Pi etc, why not come along 10-12 most Saturdays.

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